After several years of experience in sports and action photography, traveling the world
and shooting for winter sport brands and magazines, Linda Leitner decided to go a different way.
Now since two years she mostly shoots fashion, beauty and portraiture. With a background in
graphic design and illustration, she now works as a freelance artist around Europe.

2009 - 2013 Marketing, Bachelor of Science
2013 - 2016 Assistant work, references: Andreas Ortner, Marc Philbert, Gorka Postigo, Emre Guven,...


Red Bull, Calrins, FIAT, Armada, Atomic, Blocher&Blocher, Chixn Gravy, Interspot, InTheSnow, Kästle, Krunk, Line, LMT Cybecks, Miss Austria Corperation, Modelatelier, Moreau, Müller Luxus, Rinascimento, Skiing Magazine, The Ski Journal, WhiteOut, Zero Division,..